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TOPS RECYCLING, ZHANGJIAGANG SHILONG MACHINERY COMPANY, China engaged in designing and manufacturing of high performance, user & environment friendly production lines for recycling of End of Life Tyres for around 20 years.

We have executed several projects in Saudi Arab, Australia, India, Russia, Colombia, Turkey, Poland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Philippine, U.S.A, Orlando, Miami, Hungary, South Africa, Brazil, Peru Puerto Rico and others.

Our product line comprise of 2 segments as following: 

A.        Tyre recycling from Whole tyre to Ultra fine powder to process wide range of E-O-L tyres – 2-Wheeler to Truck & Bus Radial & Bias tyres, OTR, AG (Agriculture Machinery), AC (Air Craft) tires etc.

 1. Whole tire to Rubber Block

     a.       Automatic tire cutter to cut whole tyre into rubber block

     b.        Side wall cutter – both sides or one side

     c.       Manual strip & block cutter

     d.       Shredder to cut Automobile &, OTR tires into rubber blocks

     e.       Special heavy duty cutter to cut OTR tires (up to the diameter of 4500mm) into rubber blocks.

     f.        Debeader for extraction of steel bead wire – hydraulic and mechanical options

2. Rubber blocks to rubber mulch (10 to 20 mm or smaller size)

2.1 Giant Rasper (up to 5 tons per hour)

2.2 Heavy duty cracker mill (up to 2 tons per hour)

3. Rubber Mulch to Rubber Granules

3.1 Rubber Granulator with output size 1~6 mm

3.2 Cracker Mill with output capacity 500 kgs to 2500 kgs per hour for size of 5 mm and finer.

4. Rubber Granules to rubber powder (up to 120 mesh)

4.1 Two Roll Cracker mill to convert rubber blocks to 30 mesh & finer size directly with output capacity 300 to 2000 kg per hour with cast steel rolls with rebuilding feature for long service life.

4.2 Disc grinding mill to make Ultra fine powder up to 120 mesh

4.3 Two roll grinding mill to make fine powder up to 80 mesh

B.  Reclaim Rubber production line

1. ECO friendly, Ambient pressure, Electromagnetic heating, continuous process Devulcanizer with complete Technical knowhow to produce High Tensile reclaim rubber with tensile strength up to 14 MPa

2. High quality & high efficiency mixing mill & refining mills

3. High quality Single and Twin head extruder / strainer for improving rubber purity

4. Material flow Automation for Mixing and refining line for significant reduction of manpower & their fatigue, higher human, material & machines safety, consistent qualitative and quantitative output

5. Three in one function Cooling, Auto-winding and Auto-cutting machine for safe & ease of packing operation, substantial reduction of reclaim rubber temperature for controlling initial Mooney viscosity value and its rate of rise during storage

BENEFITS of our products & services

1.     Continual technology & design improvisation of machines to serve our customers better and better.

2.      High productivity & efficiency

3.      Environment friendly technology

4.      Automation and controls customized to customer requirements

5.      High reliability & longer service life of all-natural wearing components and parts

6.      User and maintenance friendly machines

7.      Installation & commissioning on-site support up to proving trials

We always strive to design optimal line configuration exacting to customer requirements during Pre-sale phase of the project

We welcome you to visit our website ( ) for more information of our products. It will be my pleasure to provide any further details on the machines of your interest with pictures and videos.

I sincerely looking forward to establishing business cooperation for mutual benefit with you.

You may kindly feel free to contact me through e mail or WhatsApp (My ID: 008615962378058) or WeChat  (My ID: 008615962378058). 


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