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1→ OTR Disassembly Recycling Machine
2 → Economical Fully-Automatic Waste Tire Recycle to Rubber Granule Plant
3 → Advance Waste Tires recyle to rubber granulate line
4 → Advance disc grinding mill rubber pulverizing line
5 → Economical Semi-Automatic Scrapped Tires Recycling to Rubber Powder Equipment
6 → Crocodile Shearing Tire Cutter
7 → Economical Fully-Automatic Scrapped Tires Recycle to Crumb Rubber Line
8 → Economical Semi-Automatic Tire Recycle to Rubber Granules Line
9 → Economic Fully Automatic Tyre Recycling to Rubber Granules Line
10 → OTR Tires Crocodile Shearing Machine
11 → Hydraulic Single Hook Waste Tire Debeading Machine
12 → Economical Dual Shafts Tire Shredder
13 → Advanced OTR Shredder
14 → Mechanic Double Hooks Tire Debeader
15 → Economical Fully Automatic Scrapped Tyres Recycle to Rubber Powder Production Line
16 → Advanced scrapped tires recycle to rubber mulch production line
17 → Scrapped Tires Slitting and Chopping Machine
18 → Scrapped Tires Side Wall Cutting Machine
19 → Economic Disc Grinding Mill Rubber Pulverizer
20 → Advance Waste Tires Recycle to TDF Tire Derived Fuel Line
21 → Semi-Automatic Rubber Granulating Line
22 → Dual Rollers Tire Debeader


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