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  • Q What process to start a tire recycling project?

    A  1. There should be enough scrapped tires in your region, or your country.

      2. You should check the market for the end products. Either TDF, RUBBER GRANULES, or Rubber powder;

      3. Check with your government environment department to understand your local policy for the recycling project to see if you can get the BUSINESS LICENSE and PRODUCTION APPROVAL CERTIFICATE of Recycling project.

      4. Financial preparation (Financial budget)

      5. Seek a professional machinery supplier and project consultant

      6. Start the project

  • Q What’s the guarantee?

    A We provide 26 months of machine guarantee since the Customs Clearance at the buyer’s country port.
  • Q What’s the capacity of your machine?

    A Tire recycling machine is totally a customized system. Everything is specially tailored as per the customer’s requirement. Such as the machine sizes, end products, production capacity etc. Normally, the minimum capacity is 3000 Kg/Hr, the maximum could be 10 tons per hour of rubber powder. For TDF, the unit production capacity could mount to 20 tons per hour.

  • Q What’s the end products can your machine make?

  • Q What size of tires your machine can cut?

    A We can design and produce the machine to cut OTR tires, Bus Tires, Truck Tires, Passenger tires, Motor cycle tires, bicycle tires etc. It depends on the customer’s requirement. 
  • Q Does Tops Industry have a 24/7 phone support?

    A Our support team is available during normal business hours from 8am to 5pm China time. Monday–Saturday by calling +86 15962378058 or sending an email to 
    In the event of an evening or weekend emergency, customers are encouraged to call their assigned customer support representative.
  • Q What type of technical support does Tops Industry provide?

    A Tops Industry provides immediate assistance from a dedicated support team. Through remote communications, we are able to diagnose and troubleshoot equipment problems with operators globally.
  • Q Is installation and supervision available?

    A Yes. Tops Industry can provide equipment installation services once the equipment arrives at a customer’s facility.  Supervision, consultation, and project management supervision is also available at additional cost.
  • Q What type of training is available?

    A Tops Industry provides operation, maintenance, and overall mechanical understanding of how the tire recycling equipment works. Additional on-site training and facility visits by a Tops Industry Equipment service representative is also available for an additional cost.
  • Q Can we visit and see the equipment?

    A Yes, by appointment, customers are welcomed to see our manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu, China. We also have several operating facilities around the world which may be available for visits.
  • Q Where is TOPS INDUSTRY GROUP located?

    A We are a Chinese company located in Zhangjiagang City, in Jiangsu Province
  • Q What is the typical lead time for tire recycling equipment?

    A Generally, 3-4 months. We build each system to the specifications of each client.


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