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Useful Tips for the Operation of Dual Shafts Shredder

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Useful Tips for the Operation of Dual Shafts Shredder


Abstract: In general, the dual shafts shredder is applied to shred such material of scrapped tires, scrapped metals, scrap plastics, scrap woods etc. Mostly, they are used in the field of recycling industries. It is more efficiently and with higher shredding capacity to compare with the single shaft shredders. It can shred such materials as waste tyres, waste plastics, waste wood, waste metals etc., the output materials will be ready for further processing. It makes great contribution to convert the industrial waste to the resources.


The shredder blades should be changed to a correct thickness and claws as per the hardness and volume of the shredding materials to extend the life of blades. In general, the blades diameter ranges from 200mm to 500mm, and the thickness ranges from 20mm to 55mm. The center hole (for shaft) is in hexagon.

tire recycling Shredder blades.jpg


The workmanship and precision of wire-electrode cutting is very important. The verticality between the surface and the cutting edge, and between the surface and the central hexagon hole should be guaranteed for the high quality blades. In addition, the precise grinding and hammering are also very important. The re-sharpening of dual shaft shredder is different from other shredders. It cannot be grinded on its surface directly, it must be polished on the cutting edge side until it gets sharp.


Therefore, to improve the work efficiency and extend the machine life, the cutting blades must be checked and maintained periodically;


We, Zhangjiagang Shilong Machinery company Ltd, specially designed the dual shafts shredder for the solution of the following plants:


1. Waste tyre recycling shredding machine

 tyre recycling shredder.jpg

2. Waste Wood recycling shredder machine

 waste Wood Shredder

3. Waste Car Shell recycling shredder machine

waste Car Shell Recycling Machine.jpg

4. Waste plastic recycling machines etc. 

waste plastic recycling machine.jpg


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