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New Machine for Waste Tire Recycling Plant

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Automatic Tire Rubber Block Cutting Machine

Tire Cutting Machine


The key and most important process in tire recycling plant is first step, to cut the tires into rubber block. In general, there are the following two options:


Option one: by single shaft or dual shafts shredder.

By this way, the production capacity is high. However, the machine price and the running cost is also high. It takes long time, and high cost for the blade sharpening. And it requires very professional person to disassembly the blades, and re-install the blades after sharpening.


Option two: by manually slitting machine, and block cutting machine.

In this way, the machine price is cheap, easy for maintenance, but it is not safe for the labors. The fingers or arms of the operator would be hurt if the operator run the machine careless or not correctly.


To save the money, and guarantee the safety for the operator, our company, tops recycling group, invented this fully automatic tire-cutting machine.


This automatic tire-cutting machine owns such advantages as small investment, safe and easy in operation and maintenance, and higher production capacity.


Production flow process:


Step1: Slitting the tire into two halves.

 disposed tire cutting machine

Step2: Slitting the half tire into strip AUTOMATIALLY.


Step3: chop the rubber strip into rubber block automatically.


Step2 & step3 are combined into one machine. Please refer to the above video to see the performance of whole tire cutting process.


scrap tire cutting machine

waste tire cutting machine

The production capacity of this machine could be reach 3 tons per hour.

This automatic tire cutting is the best choice for the beginner of waste tire recycling company. 




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