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General Single Shaft Shredder

General Single Shaft Shredder

Model: WT22-66 series

The WT series single shaft shredder is suitable for recycling wide range of materials. It is an ideal machine for plastic, paper, fiber, rubber, organic waste and a wide variety of materials. As per our customers’ requirements, such as the input size of the material, capacity and the final output size etc, we could work out a suitable proposal for our clients. After being shredded by the machine, the output material could be used directly or go into the next step of size reduction. With the function of Siemens microcomputer control system, it is possible to control automatically start, stop, automatic reverse sensors to protect the machine against over loading and jamming.
  • WT22-66 series

  • Shilong

General Single Shaft Pipe Shredder

     single shaft shredder.jpg

     It is widely used to shred plastic film, rubber waste, plastic bottles, woods, waste paper cartons, waste news papers, electric cables, aluminum cans, electric devices, plastic pipes, clothes etc 

single shaft shredder application.jpg

single shaft shredding process.jpg


single shaft shredder specification.jpg

Single Shaft Shredder Rotors.jpg

Single Shaft Shredder Cases.jpg

Small Single Shaft Shredder

small single shaft shredder drawings.jpg

small single shaft shredder models.jpg

Medium Size Single Shaft Shredder

Medium Single Shaft Shredder drawing.jpg

Medium Single Shaft Shredder model1.jpg

p5 Medium Single Shaft Shredder model2.jpg

Heavy-Duty Single Shaft Shredder

heavy-duty single shaft shredder drawing.jpg

heavy-duty single shaft shredder models.jpg



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