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A Tianjin Company to Build Road in Moscow Made from Rubber Powder of Used Tires

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Tianjin Company to Build Road in Moscow Made from Rubber Powder of Used Tires


A materials company in northern China’s Tianjin municipality plans to build a 5-kilometer green demonstration road in Moscow using asphalt modified from the rubber powder of scrapped tires.

The Tianjin company will carry out research on the technology with the National University of Science and Technology, Russia's top university in steel, metallurgy and materials science. The two sides have jointly established research institutes in both Tianjin and Moscow, forging an integrated and comprehensive innovation platform.


According to Tianjin company, the demonstration road is a showcase of an entire industrial chain: from tire recycling to waste rubber powder processing, from asphalt modification to scrapped tire processing.


With the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, Tianjin has enhanced its international cooperation on advanced technology. Twenty-three technology enterprises in the municipality have established research centers in 19 countries, including Germany, Russia and Pakistan.


This article was originally published in the Global Times.



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